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Legal English: Master the Legal Language with Our Courses

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Legal English Courses for Professionals

At Essential for Business, we understand the critical importance of legal English in the globalized legal world. Our legal English courses are designed to provide legal professionals with the tools necessary to communicate accurately and effectively, addressing the specific terminology, structures and contexts of the international legal field.


Mastery of Legal Vocabulary


Advanced Negotiations and Presentations

Gain fluency in specific legal English vocabulary, essential for interpreting and drafting legal documents, communicating with international clients, and participating in multilingual legal proceedings.


Proficiency in Telephone English

Explore our legal English course, personalized to meet your specific needs and tailored to your area of expertise, whether corporate law, intellectual property, international law or any other legal field.

Improve your ability to communicate in legal situations, from negotiations and consulting to litigation and contract drafting, ensuring you can operate efficiently in a global legal context.


Culture and Etiquette in Business English

Develop not only language skills but also a deep understanding of international legal systems and cultural differences, allowing you to act with confidence on the global stage.

We understand the importance of legal and legal English

At Essential for Business, we deeply value specialization in legal English, aware of its indispensable role in the globalized legal environment. We recognize that a strong command of legal English not only facilitates the understanding and application of specific concepts and terminology of international law, but is also essential for communicating clearly and effectively in legal contexts, negotiating contracts and conducting litigation in multiple jurisdictions.

Our courses are carefully designed to equip legal professionals with the specific language and skills necessary to act with confidence and authority in the international legal sector. By integrating Business English and Business English, our business training addresses the specific needs of the legal field, preparing participants to face the challenges of international law, cross-border transactions and intercultural mediation.

Key for Legal Professionals

1 / Navigating the Areas of Law: Criminal, Civil and More

Explore the key differences between criminal and civil areas of law, as well as other legal specializations. You will learn thespecific use of englishin each of these contexts, preparing you for a variety of legal scenarios.

2 / Contracts and Agreements: The Heart of Commercial Law

Understanding and developing legal contracts is fundamental in law. This segment of the course delves into thespecific terminology used in contracts, with practical examples that simulate real situations that lawyers face daily.

3 / From Accusation to Trial: Language for All Stages

From the moment of accusation to the trial, each phase of the legal process requires specific knowledge of the language. This course covers theEssential vocabulary and phrases to handle breach of contract situations, litigation, and more, with fluidity and precision.

4 / Simulations of Real Cases: Practical Application

Through simulations and case studies, you will practice what you learn in contexts that mimic real legal work. These activities are designed to strengthen your ability to applylegal English in practical situations, improving your ability to argue, negotiate and write effectively.


Professional Approach

Our methodology is based on years of experience in the business world. We understand the demands and challenges that professionals face every day. Therefore, we have designed a method that not only teaches languages, but also equips students with the communication skills necessary to successfully navigate the global business environment.


Personalized Learning

We recognize that each professional is unique, with different goals and needs. Our approach focuses on identifying these needs and adapting learning content accordingly. This ensures that each session is relevant, practical and directly applicable to the real world.


Technological Integration

 We use advanced digital tools, such as efbPills, to offer interactive learning, evaluate progress in real time and provide immediate feedback, thus ensuring effective and efficient learning.

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