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efb Pills: your dose of effective learning

Aprendizaje a distancia

What is an efbPill?

Turn situations into your speech

efbPills are learning units designed to improve language fluency and confidence in specific professional situations.


Each "pill" contains six essential phrases that facilitate effective communication in a given work context, promoting rapid and effective language acquisition​​.

How to use efbPills?

Working from home

With your trainer

In class

Your trainer will guide you through practical exercises and role-plays, providing personalized feedback that will fine-tune your communication skills, tailoring each pill to your specific needs and goals.

Read a digital book


Wherever you want, at your pace

Here, you can practice fluency and pronunciation by repeating phrases, recording yourself, and comparing your pronunciation with native examples. With this constant practice, you will develop a more natural and confident language skill, essential for the modern professional environment.


User interface of the efbPills platform showing a variety of language courses for businesses, highlighting the bonus training and the adaptability of Essential for Business for professional English training on both mobile devices and computers.

Elevate your Business Communication

  1. Personalized Learning: Each efbPill is designed with 6 expressions in 3 levels of difficulty, allowing progress adapted to your needs and pace.

  2. Advanced technology: Our portal uses artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate your pronunciation, offering real-time feedback to improve your fluency.

  3.  Direct Applicability:The expressions selected in the efbPills are directly relevant to business situations, ensuring that your learning has an immediate impact on your daily work.

Interactive Practice

Our portal provides interactive practice with efbPills, where students perfect pronunciation with immediate AI feedback, essential for effective and lasting learning.

Linguistic Confidence

efbPills push students beyond the known, incorporating key phrases for richer, more confident communication in professional contexts.

Practical application

efbPills emphasizes the practical use of the language in the work environment, ensuring a deep and authentic understanding of the language.

Integrate new structures

The philosophy behind efbPills is to enable students to use new linguistic structures with confidence in real situations.

It's your turn, play with efbPills


What your company does

Train yourself to explain the purpose and mission of your company

Staff meeting


Elevator Pitch

Learn to capture attention and communicate the value of your proposals in the time it takes to take an elevator ride.

Intervention at a seminar


Small talk before a meeting

Survive that small talk before a meeting

young people gathered


Cold Call

Master the art of breaking the ice, presenting your proposal, and capturing interest in the critical first seconds of a call.

Office worker

If you want more information on how efbPills can help you, get in touch

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