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We take learning new languages very seriously, which is why we offer personalized programs with expert trainers to adapt to your business needs. 

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Optimize your learning

Custom Programs

Optimize your learning with our personalized language courses for companies. We focus on effective training aimed at specific objectives, guaranteeing effective communication from the beginning. We use cutting-edge digital tools to offer an educational experience focused on tangible results.

Our trainers, with experience in the business sector, understand your challenges and needs, providing relevant and practical training. With their academic knowledge and practical experience, they provide you with valuable learning that is directly applicable to your business needs.

Logo of FUNDAE, State Foundation for Employment Training, highlighting its support for subsidized training for companies and language courses in the context of continuing professional training in Spain

Enhance your Training with FUNDAE

Access subsidized training for companies and grow your talent

Why choose us

Unleash your potential with our training programs for companies

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1. More than 400 situations at your fingertips

We have developed tailored programs that focus on the specific business situations you need to advance. With more than 400 defined situations in all sectors and roles, we ensure accurate and relevant learning for your work context.

2. efbPills, our innovative approach

Our main objective is for you to communicate with ease and confidence in any business situation. To do this, we offer predominantly oral programs and we have efbPills, our innovative expression bank. These tools will provide you with the vocabulary and structures necessary to raise your communication skills to the next level, whether in-person classes for companies or online. 

3. Trainers with company experience

Beyond being excellent educators, our trainers have real experience in the business world. This allows them to understand your challenges and needs first-hand, offering you genuine support oriented to the reality of the business world.


User interface of the efbPills platform showing a variety of language courses for businesses, highlighting the bonus training and the adaptability of Essential for Business for professional English training on both mobile devices and computers.
  1. Personalized Learning: Each efbPill is designed with 6 expressions in 3 levels of difficulty, allowing progress adapted to your needs and pace.

  2. Advanced technology: Our portal uses artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate your pronunciation, offering real-time feedback to improve your fluency.

  3.  Direct Applicability:The expressions selected in the efbPills are directly relevant to business situations, ensuring that your learning has an immediate impact on your daily work.


Corinne, Marketing Manager

"The exchanges with Carmen are very positive and enriching because she transmits language knowledge for professionals. Her contributions are very useful for my daily life."

Raffaele, Gynecology Specialist

"Chrystele shares different topics of French-speaking culture in each lesson. This method encourages the student to pay attention and create a real interest in the language and, above all, to enrich their communication."

Antonio, Senior Software Engineer

"Ryan gives the opportunity to put the language into practice in an enjoyable and entertaining way, focusing on situations that may occur at work."

What our partners say

Image by Georgina Armengou of LEVI STRAUSS & CO HRBP for Cluster South Europe, providing a positive review of Essential for Business's personalized programs and qualified teachers in language training for corporate environments.
"They are totally focused on students learning to defend themselves in the foreign language in a business environment, with highly qualified teachers and a very personal treatment."

Georgina Armengou

LEVI STRAUSS & CO HRBP Cluster South Europe

Screenshots of the Essential for Business mobile app, showing interactive learning features for English training for professionals, including personalized trainer prompts, pronunciation practice, and access to quick and efficient lessons.

Student Portal

Always accessible from your computer and mobile.


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