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How to work with efbPills from home.

  • What types of language training programs does Essential for Business offer?
    We offer customized language training programs that focus on the specific needs of each company, covering more than 400 business situations across all sectors and roles.
  • In which languages do we offer language training?
    Our services focus on several key languages used in the business world. For a complete list of the languages we offer, please see our website or contact our customer service team.
  • What services does a language program include?
    Level Test: Before starting training, students usually take a placement test to assess their current language skills. This helps place them in the right learning group. Group Formation: Based on placement test results and learning objectives, students are grouped with others of similar abilities. This ensures a cohesive and balanced learning experience. Trainer Assignment: A specialized trainer or instructor is assigned to each group or student, according to the needs of the program. This trainer is responsible for conducting the training sessions and guiding the students. Class Programming and Logistics: Class schedules are established that adapt to the needs of the students and the company, organizing the sessions in a way that maximizes participation and learning. Attendance and Absence Monitoring: A record of class attendance is kept to monitor student participation and commitment. Absences are also recorded to identify potential problems or needs for adjustments in training. Learning Material and Resources: Additional teaching materials and resources are provided to complement the teaching sessions and facilitate self-study. Evaluations and Periodic Exams: Regular assessments are conducted to measure student progress and adjust teaching methodology if necessary. Progress Reports: Periodic reports are prepared on the progress of each student, providing detailed feedback on their performance and areas for improvement.
  • Can training programs accommodate flexible schedules?
    We understand the importance of flexibility, especially for busy professionals. Our programs can be adapted to different schedules and availability to maximize the comfort and effectiveness of learning.
  • How is Situation-Based Learning implemented in training programs?
    Our "Situation-Based Learning" It is based on learning through more than 400 real and practical situations from the business world, ensuring relevant learning applicable to the work context of each student.
  • What are efbPills and how do they benefit my learning?
    efbPills are an innovative bank of essential expressions and phrases for business communication. They are designed to improve your fluency and understanding of the language in specific business contexts.
  • What is the profile of the trainers at Essential for Business?
    Our trainers are language experts with real experience in the business world. This allows them to understand and effectively address the specific needs and challenges of our clients.
  • Are the training programs suitable for all levels of language ability?
    Yes, our programs adapt to all levels, from beginners to advanced, and are personalized to meet the specific language needs of each participant.
  • How is training personalized for each company or student?
    Personalization begins with a detailed evaluation of the needs and objectives of each company or student. From there, we design a program that addresses these specific needs, using material and methods that are most effective for the student's profile.
  • Does Essential for Business offer subsidized training through FUNDAE?
    Yes, we offer subsidized training for companies, facilitating access to our language training programs through the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE) in Spain.
  • How do I register in the Student Portal?
    To access the virtual rooms and use the Student Portal, follow these steps: 1) Go to the following link: 2) Click on the "Recover Password" section. 3) Enter your email and click on "Continue". 4) You will receive an email, click on “Change password”. Look in the SPAM FOLDER! 5) Enter the desired password and click on “Continue”. You're already in!
  • I requested a link to recover my password, but I did not receive it. What should I do?
    If you have not received the password recovery link, check your spam or junk folder first, as sometimes automated emails can be filtered there. If you still can't find it, make sure you entered the correct email address when requesting recovery. If the problem persists, contact technical support for additional assistance.
  • I can't find my courses in the Student Portal, what should I do?
    Make sure you are registered for the correct course. If you still can't find your courses, contact the portal administrator to verify your registration.
  • How do I add session calls to my calendar?
    Now you can synchronize your classes with your Google Calendar. Here we explain how to do it: In the lower left corner of your Student Portal, you will see an icon to copy the calendar. Clicking on it will copy an .ics file. Open Google Calendar in your web browser. In the upper right corner, click the settings icon (⚙️) and select "Settings". In the left menu, click "Add calendar". In the "Import" section, click "From a url" and paste the .ics link that you copied from the portal. Click "Import" and all your classes will automatically sync with your Google Calendar. 🍎If you use the Mac< Calendar span style="color: #333333;">, follow these steps: Copy the link of the .ics file from the Student Portal. In the Calendar app on your Mac, choose File > "New calendar subscription.". Paste the calendar link, then click Subscribe. Type a name for the calendar in the Name field, then click the adjacent drop-down menu and select a color. Click the Location drop-down menu, then select an account for the subscription. If you select your iCloud account, your calendar will be available to all computers and devices set up with iCloud. If you select "On my Mac", the calendar will be saved to your computer. For the Outlook calendar, follow these steps: Copy the link of the .ics file from the Student Portal. Sign in to At the bottom of the page, select Calendar. In the navigation pane, select Add calendar. Select Subscribe from web. Subscribe to a calendar Paste the calendar link. Select Import.
  • Why can't I access efbPills?
    Check if you have validated objectives in your program. Without them, you will not be able to access efbPills. If you don't have them, contact your trainer to set goals.
  • How can I reset my Student Portal password?
    If you have forgotten your password, use the "Recover Password" on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password through your registered email.
  • What browsers are recommended for the best functioning of online platforms?
    For an optimal experience, it is recommended to use updated browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
  • How can I contact my trainer if I have questions or need assistance?
    You can contact your trainer using the email provided in the course information.
  • What should I do if I find content or links that do not work on the portal?
    Report any problems with the content or links to your trainer or the portal's technical support team so they can solve it as soon as possible.
  • How do I join a session on BigBlueButton?
    Once you have logged in, do the following: 1) On the day of class, go to the home menu on the left of the screen. 2) You will see a button to access the Virtual Classroom sessions. Click on it. It will only appear on the day you have class. 3) You will be redirected to a waiting room. Here you can see a countdown until the trainer starts the session. 4) As soon as the session begins, the countdown will disappear and a red button that says "Enter session" will be enabled. Click and you'll be in class!
  • I can't hear the audio in the BigBlueButton session, what can I do?
    First, check if your device has the volume on and the headphones (if you use them) are properly connected. If the problem persists, try logging out and logging back in. In Google Chrome: Description: If you cannot access the microphone or camera, it may be that you have not granted the necessary permissions. Solution: Click the lock icon in the address bar, go to "Site Settings" and allows access to the microphone and camera. Then refresh the page and click "Allow" when access is requested. In Mozilla Firefox: Description: If you cannot access the microphone or camera, it may be due to permissions not granted. Solution: Click the camera or microphone icon in the address bar and select "Always allow" for this site. Refresh the page and click "Allow" when access is requested. If you turned off access, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Permissions, and adjust microphone settings. Selecting Wrong Option When Joining: Description: If you select "Listener" instead of "Microphone" When you join a session, you will not be able to actively participate. Solution: Leave the session and rejoin by selecting "Microphone" this time. Make sure your microphone is working properly before joining. You can also try switching between audio sources in the small white sphere below the microphone icon.
  • I'm having problems with my camera/webcam at BBB, how do I fix it?
    Make sure your camera is connected and enabled. In BBB settings, you can select your camera and test it before joining the session. If the problem persists, try logging out and logging back in.
  • What do I do if BBB is not working correctly in my browser?
    BBB works best with up-to-date browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Make sure your browser is updated. If the problem persists, try another browser.
  • How can I share my screen in a session if I am a student?
    If you need to share your screen during a session and are unable to do so, you may need additional permissions. Tell the moderator (usually your trainer) that you want to share your screen. The moderator will click on your name in the participant list. Then it will promote you to "presenter," which will allow you to share your screen. Once you are a presenter, you can start sharing your screen with other participants.
  • Can I access the portal and BBB from mobile devices?
    Yes, many portals and tools like BBB are accessible from mobile devices. However, for an optimal experience, it is recommended that you use a computer for certain activities.
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