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Personalized Language Learning Solutions


What we offer

We take learning new languages very seriously, which is why we offer personalized programs with expert trainers to adapt to your business needs. 

Colleagues at work

More than 400 communication situations

We have developed tailored programs that focus on the specific business situations you need to advance. With more than 400 defined situations in all sectors and roles, we ensure accurate and relevant learning for your work context.

office environment

 efbPills, our expression bank

Our main objective is for you to communicate with ease and confidence in any business situation. To do this, we offer predominantly oral programs and we have efbPills, our innovative expression bank. 


Trainers with company experience

Beyond being excellent educators, our trainers have real experience in the business world. This allows them to understand your challenges and needs first-hand, offering you genuine support oriented to the reality of the business world.

Classmates in the library

Essential, flexible and innovative 

By learning only the essentials, you not only save costs, but also start communicating in the desired language from day one. We rely on cutting-edge digital tools to offer you an unparalleled and results-oriented educational experience.



The business approach gives us experience and knowledge in vocabulary and interactions relevant to our day-to-day work in the company.


What I value most is that we can choose the course objectives according to our interests.


I very much appreciate the adaptation to our needs of learning to better manage meetings, rather than reviewing grammar topics.

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