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Tranvía de Lisboa

Portuguese Courses for Businesses

In an increasingly globalized business world, mastering English has become an essential tool for companies seeking to expand their reach and strengthen their international connections. Our exclusive business English offering is designed to empower your team, honing their language skills for international negotiations, communications and collaborations. By integrating our specialized training, your company will not only break language barriers, but also cultivate stronger relationships and business opportunities on the global stage. Discover how our English training can transform the dynamics of your company and be a catalyst for success and innovation.

Benefits of Language Training for Companies

1 / Improvement of Corporate Communication
  • For the company: Learning Portuguese opens the doors to emerging and consolidated markets in Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries, increasing export and investment opportunities.

  • For employees: Acquiring language skills in Portuguese improves your employability and career prospects in globally oriented sectors.

2 / Expansion of Market Opportunities
  • For the company: Direct communication in the local language strengthens relationships with partners, suppliers and customers in the Portuguese-speaking world, facilitating more effective negotiations and collaborations.

  • For employees: Understanding and speaking Portuguese allows for more authentic and effective communication, which contributes to buildingstrong professional relationships.

3 / Strengthening Multicultural Collaboration
  • For the company: Knowledge of Portuguese goes beyond language; involves a deeper understanding of business cultures and practices, crucial for success in international markets.

  • For Employeess: Learning a new language includes the discovery of new cultures, which enriches personal and professional perspective, fosteringcultural sensitivity and adaptability.

4 / Competitive Advantage

  • For the company: Having employees who speak Portuguese can be a key differentiator against competitors, offering services and customer service in the native language of target markets.

  • For employees: Mastering Portuguese can mean an individual competitive advantage,standing out in a job marketthat increasingly values linguistic and cultural diversity.

Our Portuguese programs for companies

Class in progress

Courses by Levels

Essential: For beginners without prior knowledge of the language. It focuses on the basics of Portuguese, allowing participants to handle simple conversations and read basic texts.

Intermediate: Designed for those who already have a foundation and seek to deepen their knowledge of the language, improving fluency in more complex business situations.

Advanced: For professionals looking to perfect their Portuguese to a higher level, focusing on specific business jargon and the ability to negotiate and present in Portuguese.

Casco histórico de Porto

Sector-specific Portuguese seminars

Online: Virtual courses that offer flexibility to learn from anywhere, ideal for geographically distributed teams or those with busy schedules.

In person: Classes at the company facilities  facilitating direct interaction with teachers and promoting language practice in a controlled environment.

Intensive: Accelerated programs designed for those who need to acquire or improve their language skills in a short period of time, focusing on total immersion in the language.

Puente al atardecer

Personalized Courses in Business Portuguese

  • Commercial and Business Portuguese: Specialized courses in vocabulary and specific communication situations in the business world, including negotiations, presentations and report writing.

  • Custom made: Courses designed specifically to meet the particular needs of your company, adapting the content to the specific objectives and sector of your organization.

Success stories

Camarero sirviendo cerveza

Specialized Portuguese for Customer Service in the Restaurant Sector

In collaboration with aleading restaurant chain in key locations such as airports and train stations, we implement a specialized Portuguese program focused onimprove customer service. This course significantly improved communication with Portuguese-speaking travelers, increasing customer satisfaction and service efficiency. A clear example of the positive impact that language training can have on customer service and operational success.

Equipo de Desarrollo de inicio

Portuguese specialized in technology and software services

The objective of the training program was to improve the communication skills of employees in Spain to facilitate more efficient and close collaboration with the Portuguese headquarters. By doing so, not only was the interaction between teams from different countries improved, but cross-border operations were also optimized, thus strengthening interdepartmental relationships and improving the integration of business processes and strategies between both headquarters.

Bonus Training - Invest in the Future of your Company


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