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About Essential for Business

We are a pioneering firm in language training solutions, dedicated to enhancing the professional communication skills of individuals around the world, ensuring their success in the international business environment.

Key benefits

Flexible schedule

Enjoy the freedom to organize your time with our flexible schedule system. This approach allows you to perfectly balance your professional and personal life, adapting your work to your needs.

Cutting-edge Digital Resources

Access an extensive library of advanced digital materials and resources that will enrich your teaching experience and provide significant added value to your educational sessions.

Continuous Professional Development

We offer a professional development program that includes ongoing training and constant support, ensuring that you are always at the forefront of teaching methodologies and educational technology.

Growth opportunities

With us, you will have the opportunity to expand your experience in teaching business English, collaborating with professionals from various sectors and fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment.


Students taking notes

Committed Business Language teachers, capable of offering high-quality instruction remotely or in person, serving professionals seeking to improve their business communication skills in the language.


Advanced Language Proficiency

A native or equivalent level of the language is essential to provide exceptional training.


Business Experience

We are looking for professionals with at least three years of experience in the business world.


Minimum Availability

To guarantee continuity and quality of learning, we require a minimum availability of 10 hours per week.


Experience in training professionals

We are looking for professionals with at least three years of experience teaching the language to professionals in the context of the working world. 


Relevant Pedagogical Qualifications

We place great importance on formal language teaching qualifications, such as TEFL, TESOL or CELTA, which support your experience and knowledge of the subject.

Come work with us

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At Essential for Business, we are more than a company: we are a community. We value diversity, innovation and a passion for learning. If you are ready to make a difference and grow professionally, this is your place.

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