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Maximize your Investment in Training with FUNDAE

Reunión de trabajo

FUNDAE Management for Language Courses

efb, your Partner in International Communication:


How do we help you?

At Essential for Business, we are committed to simplifying your experience with bonus training. We assist you in each stage of the process with FUNDAE, from planning to final justification, ensuring that each training action meets your expectations and the requirements of the foundation.


Our Service Includes

Our service package includes:

  • Personalized advice on choosing courses.

  • Preparation and presentation of all necessary documentation.

  • Continuous monitoring of training and updating of records.

  • Preparation and presentation of monitoring and justification reports.


Integral management

We comprehensively manage the subsidized training process. We take care of all the administrative and bureaucratic details, allowing you to focus on what is most important: the development and training of your team.


Benefits for your Company

Opting for our subsidized training means:

  • Optimization of training resources.

  • Reduction of costs in language training.

  • Constant improvement in employees' communication skills.

  • Strengthening the work environment and increasing productivity.


How FUNDAE (Tripartite Foundation) works

Take advantage of the opportunity offered by FUNDAE and the subsidized training, formerly known as Fundación Tripartita, to enhance talent within your organization with our personalized language programs


Needs Diagnosis

We analyze your company's training needs and determine how subsidized training can cover them effectively.


Strategic planning

We develop a customized training plan that aligns with your company's priorities and adjusts to the credits available through FUNDAE.


Administrative management

We take care of all the necessary documentation and processing before FUNDAE, ensuring that the process is fluid and without complications.


Execution and Monitoring

We carry out training activities and provide continuous monitoring to ensure that objectives are met and the benefit of the bonus is maximized.


Justification and Optimization

Finally, we take care of the justification of the training before FUNDAE to ensure that yourcompany recovers the investment made in training.

Comprehensive Training Management with EFB

Discussions with coworkers

Organizing Entity FUNDAE Bonus Courses

Agile Change Management

Agile Change Management


We take care of all necessary adjustments to your programs, such as canceled classes or class make-ups. 

Registro y Justificaciones de la Acción Formativa

Registration and Justifications


We take care of keeping a detailed record and providing the necessary justifications, guaranteeing the peace of mind of your company.

We do not charge for Permanent Cancellations

We do not charge for Permanent Cancellations


If an individual program is canceled before the end of the course, we will not charge you for FUNDAE management

Frequently Asked Questions about FUNDAE Courses and Bonus Training

What is FUNDAE and how has it evolved since the Tripartita Foundation?

FUNDAE, formerly known as Fundación Tripartita, is the entity that manages subsidized training for employment in Spain, allowing companies to train their workers using tax credits.

Are all courses eligible for a FUNDAE bonus?

Most vocational training courses can be subsidized, as long as they meet the requirements established by FUNDAE, such as relevance to the job and improvement of skills.

How can I calculate the subsidized training credit that my company can obtain?

Available credit can be calculated using our FUNDAE credit calculator, which estimates your credit based on your company's social contributions. If you want more information and more precise calculations,Contact us

What requirements must participants in subsidized courses meet?

Participants must attend at least 75% of the course and their participation must be verifiable through attendance records.

What information do I need to request a course bonus?

You will need to detail the costs of the course, provide details of the participants, and ensure that the training is carried out through a provider registered in the State Registry of Training Entities, such as Essential for Business. 

Can I access the FUNDAE bonus if my company is new?

Yes, new companies are also entitled to credits for subsidized training, as long as they comply with tax and Social Security requirements from their inception.

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