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efb Method: Preparation in More than 400 Business Situations

At Essential for Business, we know that every interaction in a new language is a challenge. Therefore, we have analyzed and preparedmore than 400 real business situations so that you are not caught off guard. But the most important thing is that we are ready to adapt to your specific needs. If you have a particular situation in mind, we would love to prepare you for it.

efb methodology

Unleash your potential with our language programs

Situational Learning Approach

At Essential for Business, we apply an innovative method focused on more than 400 coded business situations, allowing participants to perfect the language in the exact context of their professional needs​​.

A presentation in the office.

Session Structure

Our sessions are designed to focus on the communication needs of students in the business world, with clear objectives based on real situations​​.


Definition of objectives

We select learning objectives from a wide range of situations, adapting to the levels of the students and their available learning hours​​

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If you have a specific situation in mind, we are eager to customize our approach to meet your needs.

Tell us your needs and we will analyze how we can help you.

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A Commitment to Your Success in Business Languages

Your Ally in Learning: We understand the challenges of communicating in a language that is not yours because we have been there. Our commitment is to accompany you on this journey, offering you continuous support and expert advice to overcome any obstacle.


Withspecialized courses in English and French for companies, among other languages, in addition tosubsidized training programs, our goal is to be your partner in achieving communicative excellence and showing your best version to the world.

Why choose us

Unleash your potential with our language programs

Colegas en el trabajo

1. Tailored programs

We have developed tailored programs that focus on the specific business situations you need to advance. With more than 400 defined situations in all sectors and roles, we ensure accurate and relevant learning for your work context.

2. Oral approach

Our main objective is for you to communicate with ease and confidence in any business situation. To do this, we offer predominantly oral programs and we have efbPills, our innovative expression bank. These tools will provide you with the vocabulary and structures necessary to raise your communication skills to the next level.

3. Expert trainers

Beyond being excellent educators, our trainers have real experience in the business world. This allows them to understand your challenges and needs first-hand, offering you genuine support oriented to the reality of the business world.


​Do you like what you see? Contact us to find out more.

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