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Languages by professionals, for professionals

All ready?

At Essential for Business, we have been transforming the way professionals communicate on a global stage since 2011. Our language training programs are designed by experts from the business world to ensure effective communication and meaningful impact in all your international interactions.


Professional Approach

Our methodology is based on years of experience in the business world. We understand the demands and challenges that professionals face every day. Therefore, we have designed a method that not only teaches languages, but also equips students with the communication skills necessary to successfully navigate the global business environment.


Personalized Learning

We recognize that each professional is unique, with different goals and needs. Our approach focuses on identifying these needs and adapting learning content accordingly. This ensures that each session is relevant, practical and directly applicable to the real world.


Technological Integration

 We use advanced digital tools, such as efbPills, to offer interactive learning, evaluate progress in real time and provide immediate feedback, thus ensuring effective and efficient learning.

Languages for companies


What we offer

We take learning new languages very seriously, which is why we offer personalized programs with expert trainers to adapt to your business needs. 

Colleagues at work

More than 400 communication situations

We have developed tailored programs that focus on the specific business situations you need to advance. With more than 400 defined situations in all sectors and roles, we ensure accurate and relevant learning for your work context.

office environment

 efbPills, our expression bank

Our main objective is for you to communicate with ease and confidence in any business situation. To do this, we offer predominantly oral programs and we have efbPills, our innovative expression bank. 


Trainers with company experience

Beyond being excellent educators, our trainers have real experience in the business world. This allows them to understand your challenges and needs first-hand, offering you genuine support oriented to the reality of the business world.

Classmates in the library

Essential, flexible and innovative 

By learning only the essentials, you not only save costs, but also start communicating in the desired language from day one. We rely on cutting-edge digital tools to offer you an unparalleled and results-oriented educational experience.

360 focus

Comprehensive language training service

Corporate Evaluation

We evaluate the linguistic level of your teams to design training that aligns with corporate goals.

Progress Monitoring

We offer continuous monitoring and clear reports on the linguistic evolution of your team.

Efficient Planning

Our programs fit your corporate calendars and budgets, maximizing training ROI.

Performance Evaluation

We conduct regular tests to document improvement in your employees' communication skills.

Language Experts

Our specialized trainers provide practical and business learning, key to professional success.

Commitment to Quality

Our training guarantees a significant improvement in your team's professional communication.

Our services


Personalized Training

Initial Diagnosis, Individualized Coaching and Schedule Flexibility.


Technology and Support

Virtual classroom Continuous Monitoring and Administrative Support.


Special Activities + efbCLUB

Creative Workshops, Linguistic Teambuilding and Immersive Gastronomic Experiences.

Detailed table of Essential for Business language proficiency levels, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from beginner A1 to professional proficiency C2, for structured language courses.

Progression and Competition

  • Continuous Assessment: Monitoring progress with reference to the CEFR, from beginner to advanced.

  • 30 Micro-Levels of Advancement: Clearly defined steps to measure and celebrate every improvement on the path to fluency.

Dispositivos mostrando la interfaz de efbPills con una selección de píldoras educativas para la formación en idiomas de negocios, evidenciando la accesibilidad y la variedad de opciones de aprendizaje que ofrece Essential for Business en formatos adaptados tanto para móviles como para ordenadores.

Student Portal


Information and resources from your tutor, always available when you need them.


Keep your language progress aligned with your goals



Manage your learning and synchronize your goals with your daily life.

Enter your digital classroom with ease and without delays.

Request your trial class and access to the virtual platform now

Corine, France

"The exchanges with Carmen are very positive, enriching because she transmits language knowledge for professionals. Her contributions are very useful for my daily life."

Raffaele, Italy

"Chrystele shares different topics of French-speaking culture in each lesson. This method encourages the student to pay attention and create a real interest in the language and, above all, to enrich their vocabulary."

Antonio, Portugal

"Ryan gives the opportunity to put the language into practice in an enjoyable and entertaining way, focusing on situations that may occur at work."


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