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Catalan Courses for Businesses: Personalized Linguistic Solutions

In the dynamic business world, linguistic diversity is an invaluable asset. Our exclusive offer of Catalan courses for companies is designed to empower your team, training foreign people to function successfully in the Catalan business environment.

Our Catalan courses for companies are a powerful tool for the integration and optimization of foreign talent. By providing specialized training, your company can overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, facilitating the adaptation of international professionals and fostering an inclusive and productive work environment.

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Why Catalan for companies?

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Inclusion and Adaptation

Mastery of Catalan facilitates the inclusion and adaptation of your company to the sociocultural environment of Catalonia, strengthening relationships with clients, suppliers and local collaborators.

Specialization in the Language of Your Industry

Access to the Local Market

Catalan is the official language of Catalonia and mastering it opens doors to the local market, allowing your company to connect more deeply with the community and take advantage of local business opportunities.

Personalized Programs That Drive Success

Personalized Courses in Business Catalan

Take advantage of a fully personalized approach that fits your goals and schedule, offering deeply relevant learning focused on your specific language and career goals.

Learn Catalan easy


A personalized approach tailored to the specific needs of your multicultural team.


Highly qualified trainers with experience in the integration of international talent.


Updated teaching materials and interactive multimedia resources to facilitate learning.


Flexible scheduling and online learning options to fit your diverse team's schedule.

Benefits of Language Training for Companies

1 / Promotes Cultural Integration

Catalan training not only improves language skills, but also promotes a deeper understanding of Catalan culture. This facilitates the integration of your company into the local environment and strengthens relationships with the community.

2 / Boosts Confidence and Motivation

By giving your employees the opportunity to learn and master Catalan, you are demonstrating your commitment to their professional and personal development. This increases team confidence and motivation, resulting in stronger job performance and greater job satisfaction.

3 / Competitive Differentiation

In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to communicate in Catalan can differentiate your company from the competition. This can open new business opportunities and increase the perception of your company as a committed and respectful local actor.

4 / Meets Market Expectations

In a context where consumers increasingly value authenticity and local connection, your company's command of Catalan can be perceived positively by customers, generating trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Bonus Training - Invest in the Future of your Company

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Boost the success of your company today: sign up for our Catalan courses

Take advantage of bonus training and take the first step towards a significant improvement in your organization's language skills!

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