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Inglés para psicólogos: Curso especializado en Essential for Business

English for psychologists: Specialized course in Essential for Business

Welcome to our section specialized in English courses for psychologists . At Essential for Business, we understand the importance of accurate and effective communication in the field of psychology. Our courses are designed specifically for professional psychologists seeking to expand their professional and academic horizons internationally.

Importance of English in Psychology

Mastery of English has become essential in the field of psychology, given that the majority of scientific production in this area is found in this language. Psychologists need to be familiar with both discipline-specific vocabulary and the ability to communicate effectively in English to participate in conferences, read studies, and collaborate internationally.

Teaching methodology essential for business

1/ Support from native teachers

English courses for psychologists are supported by native teachers highly qualified in language teaching. These professionals provide personalized support to students, offering clarity in the explanation of concepts and guaranteeing effective learning.

2 / Access to the virtual course and teaching material

Participants have access to a virtual environment where they can find updated and quality teaching material. This resource is essential to reinforce learning and allow students to practice autonomously, thus consolidating the knowledge acquired in face-to-face or online classes.

3 / Time flexibility and adapted levels

Time flexibility is key in the teaching methodology of English courses for psychologists, as it allows professionals in training to adjust their study sessions to their schedules and work commitments. Furthermore, the adaptation of difficulty levels according to the progress of each student guarantees personalized and tailored learning.

Course content

Introducción al vocabulario especializado en psicología.  Desarrollo de habilidades para la escritura de textos técnicos.  Práctica en la redacción de informes y documentos profesionales.

Vocabulary and written expression

  • Introduction to specialized vocabulary in psychology.

  • Development of skills for writing technical texts.

  • Practice in writing professional reports and documents.

Práctica en la pronunciación de términos psicológicos.  Mejora de la fluidez y corrección gramatical en la expresión oral.  Práctica de diálogos y presentaciones dentro del ámbito psicológico.

Oral expression and grammar

  • Practice in the pronunciation of psychological terms.

  • Improvement of fluency and grammatical correctness in oral expression.

  • Practice of dialogues and presentations within the psychological field.

Introducción al inglés científico aplicado a la psicología.  Estudio de la psicopatología desde la perspectiva del idioma inglés.  Análisis de conceptos clave en psicología social en inglés.

Topics covered in the courses

  • Introduction to scientific English applied to psychology.

  • Study of psychopathology from the perspective of the English language.

  • Analysis of key concepts in social psychology in English.

Our Commitment: Your Success

We want to be more than a provider of language courses for professionals ; We aspire to become an indispensable extension of your professional team. Through bonus training courses and a multilingual approach, we strive to be the definitive resource that enhances your career and global communication.

Recommendations and requirements

therapy session
Child psychologist

Our courses are carefully designed to cover everything from technical terminology to interacting with patients in English. Here, you will not only learn psychology-specific vocabulary, but also how to handle therapy sessions, conference presentations, and academic writing in English. Intensive courses are available for those who want to advance quickly.


Minimum English levels

There is no minimum level of English to start our courses. With our personalized and high-impact approach we will work on what you need from the first session.


Main Features

  • Specialized Focus: Content designed specifically for practice and research in psychology.

  • Flexibility: We offer both online courses and in-person options to adapt to your schedule.

  • Expert Teachers: Our team is made up of professionals with experience in psychology and linguistics.


Accreditations and bonuses available

Upon successful completion of specialized English courses for psychologists, participants can choose to obtain recognized certifications that support their level of proficiency in the language. In addition, there are bonuses available for companies interested in training their employees in this area.


Benefits of Learning English with Us

  • Improvement in the understanding and production of scientific material in English.

  • Greater confidence to participate in professional discussions and international conferences.

  • Ability to publish in high-impact scientific journals.


Start Your Path to Professional Success

If you are a psychologist looking to overcome language barriers and stand out in a global context, our English courses for psychologists are your bridge to new opportunities. Contact us today for more information and discover how we can help you achieve your professional goals.

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