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Language Courses in Fertility: Effective Communication with International Patients

English and French courses in fertility

Our innovative English and French fertility course (also available in more languages) isDesigned for healthcare professionals who want to offer exceptional care to international patients traveling to fertility clinics in Spain. Through a unique combination of language skills and medical knowledge, we prepare professionals toconfidently navigate the clinical environment and healthcare system, ensuring effective communication at every stage of the fertility process.

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Our Approach

Through this course, we aim to break down linguistic and cultural barriers, significantly improving the quality of care for international patients in Spain.We prepare health professionals to confidently and empathetically face the unique challenges present in the field of fertility., improving outcomes for patients and strengthening the reputation of fertility clinics in Spain as leaders in care internationally.

1 / The Clinical Environment and the Health System

We provide a deep understanding of the specific terms and procedures of the Spanish healthcare system, adapting to the needs of international patients.

2 / The Medical Interview and Communication Skills

We emphasize the importance of effective communication during medical interviews, teaching techniques to improve interaction and understanding between doctors and patients.

3 / Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

We cover essential vocabulary and key phrases used in fertility diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, providing a clear and compassionate explanation of processes and procedures.

Nuestro innovador curso de inglés y francés especializado en fertilidad (también disponible en más idiomas) está diseñado para profesionales de la salud que desean ofrecer una atención excepcional a pacientes internacionales que viajan a clínicas de fertilidad en España. A través de una combinación única de habilidades lingüísticas y conocimientos médicos, preparamos a los profesionales para navegar con confianza el entorno clínico y el sistema sanitario, asegurando una comunicación efectiva en cada etapa del proceso de fertilidad.


Our course includes a bank of more than 400 expressions in 3 levels of difficulty , developed to cover specific situations such as:

  • Initial Consultations: Key phrases for first consultations, establishing effective communication from the beginning.

  • Fertility Testing: Precise terminology to explain and discuss fertility tests.

  • Treatment Procedures: Detailed expressions to describe fertility treatments, ensuring patients understand each step.

  • Emotional and Psychological Support:Sensitive phrases to offer emotional and psychological support, crucial in the journey towards fertility.

  • Ethical and Legal Discussions: Specific vocabulary to address ethical and legal discussions, fundamental in fertility practice.

Testimonials from professionals

Corine, France

"The exchanges with Carmen are very positive, enriching because she transmits language knowledge for professionals. Her contributions are very useful for my daily life."

Raffaele, Italy

"Chrystele shares different topics of French-speaking culture in each lesson. This method encourages the student to pay attention and create a real interest in the language and, above all, to enrich their vocabulary."

Antonio, Portugal

"Ryan gives the opportunity to put the language into practice in an enjoyable and entertaining way, focusing on situations that may occur at work."

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