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All About FUNDAE and Funded Courses for Companies

In an increasingly globalized business world, mastering English has become an essential tool for companies seeking to expand their reach and strengthen their international connections. Our exclusive business English offering is designed to empower your team, honing their language skills for international negotiations, communications and collaborations. By integrating our specialized training, your company will not only break language barriers, but also cultivate stronger relationships and business opportunities on the global stage. Discover how our English training can transform the dynamics of your company and be a catalyst for success and innovation.

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What are FUNDAE courses? (Former Tripartite Foundation)

FUNDAE, previously known as Fundación Tripartita, is the entity that administers and manages aid for vocational training for employment in the workplace in Spain. This organization plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of continuing training policies, making it easier for companies to access subsidized training for their workers.


Training Credit Management


Advice and Support


Promotion of Continuing Training


Bonus courses for companies

With the support of FUNDAE, Essential for Business is proud to offer specialized English courses for companies in Barcelona, focusing on crucial communication and business skills, and providing companies with the opportunity to use their subsidized training credit to invest in the most capital. valuable: its people.


Maximize the potential of your company with the opportunities offered by FUNDAE for business training. Through a well-structured system of credits and bonuses, you can boost the training of your employees in key areas for the business. From small businesses to corporations, FUNDAE's financing scheme, which evolves from the well-known Tripartite Foundation, opens the door to quality training.


Training Credit for your Company

Take advantage of FUNDAE credits to train your team, with a minimum of ‚ā¨420 for small companies and up to 50% of the contribution for large companies.


FUNDAE Requirements

Comply with FUNDAE: keep your tax and Social Security obligations up to date, create a training plan and choose registered providers.


Training Expenses

Manages training costs that include fees, materials, and administrative expenses; Considers salary costs if training is carried out during working hours.

How to Request Bonus Courses through FUNDAE (Former Tripartite Foundation)


FUNDAE Course Bonus

‚ÄčThe bonus can cover a significant part of the training costs. For example, for a 40-hour course with a maximum bonus amount per participant of ‚ā¨13/h, the total bonus could amount to ‚ā¨520 per participant.


Private co-financing with FUNDAE

Private co-financing is the percentage of the course cost that the company must pay, varying from 5% to 40% depending on the size of the company. It is crucial to take this into account when calculating the FUNDAE bonus.

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Who can access FUNDAE?

Requirements to Access the Bonus Training of FUNDAE (Tripartite Foundation)

Distrito financiero espa√Īol


Company Eligibility

To benefit from the subsidized training and FUNDAE courses, your company must be established in Spain. Make sure that your organization complies with being a training organizing entity recognized by FUNDAE.

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Tax and Labor Obligations

Keep your tax and labor obligations up to date. Fiscal transparency and labor compliance are essential FUNDAE requirements to access subsidized training.

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Registration in Training Entities

Conduct all subsidized training courses through training providers that are duly registered in the State Registry of Training Entities.

How to calculate the FUNDAE Credit? (Tripartite Foundation)


For companies with 1 to 5 workers

‚ÄčThe minimum annual credit is ‚ā¨420.


For companies with 10 to 49 workers:

The annual credit is 75% of the amount contributed the previous year for Vocational Training for Employment.


For companies with 250 workers or more

The annual credit is 50% of the amount contributed the previous year for Vocational Training for Employment. 


For companies with 6 to 9 workers:

The annual credit is 100% of the amount contributed the previous year for Vocational Training for Employment.


For companies with 50 to 249 workers:

The annual credit is 60% of the amount contributed the previous year for Vocational Training for Employment.

FUNDAE Credit Calculator

Discover the exact credit available for your company with our FUNDAE credit calculator. This interactive tool simplifies the subsidized training credit estimation process, allowing you to accurately plan your investment in professional development.

Estimate your Credit for FUNDAE Bonus Courses

Find out how much you can save on training your team. Enter your company's tax data into our calculator and you will receive an estimate of the credit that you can dedicate to subsidized courses.

How much is the bonus in FUNDAE?

The maximum bonus limits per participant and hour of training at FUNDAE vary depending on the type and level of training.


In-Person or Virtual Classroom Mode:

  • Higher Level: ‚ā¨13/h

  • Basic Level: ‚ā¨9/h

Teletraining Modality:

  • All Levels: ‚ā¨7.5/h


All essential for business courses have the highest bonus of ‚ā¨13/student/hour. 

Find out how we can help you

How to Request Bonus Courses through FUNDAE

Participant data

Information must be provided for participants who have successfully completed at least 75% of the course.

Minimum attendance

Minimum of 75% or more of the total hours of the course. Absences justified by sick leave or vacations will not be creditable.

Attendance Registration

It is necessary to keep an accurate record of participants' attendance throughout the course. This record can take various forms, such as attendance lists for in-person training or online attendance tracking systems.

Frequently asked questions about the Bonus with FUNDAE

Can I request FUNDAE credits for the training of self-employed workers?

Yes, self-employed workers with dependent workers can benefit from subsidized training as long as they contribute to vocational training‚Äč.

‚ÄčWhat happens if I don't use all the training credit I have allocated with FUNDAE?

Companies with less than 50 workers can reserve unused training credit to accumulate it until the next two years, communicating it through the FUNDAE application until June 30‚Äč.

What happens if a worker abandons the subsidized course with FUNDAE?

In the event that a participant abandons the training, it is necessary to inform both the entity that organizes the course and FUNDAE. This communication must be made within the first 15 days after the interruption of the course. Subsequently, the amount of the bonus must be adjusted according to the actual hours of training that have been provided. It is crucial that participants meet a minimum attendance of 75% of the total course for the bonus to be applicable. Attendance and evaluation records verify compliance.

Can I take the training outside of working hours to get it reimbursed with FUNDAE?

It is feasible to carry out training outside of working hours and for it to be subsidized through FUNDAE, as long as certain conditions are respected. This requires the existence of a prior agreement between the company and the employee, thus facilitating the worker's access to online training. This arrangement ensures that both parties agree to participate in said training, respecting the established guidelines for the bonus.

How many hours of training can you do at most per day?

Subsidized training with FUNDAE can be a maximum of 8 hours a day‚Äč.

¿Cuánto tiempo hay que guardar la documentación de FUNDAE?

Documentation related to FUNDAE must be kept for a period of 4 years. This period begins to count from the moment in which the deadline for submitting the TCs (contribution documents) for the month of December of the current financial year ends. It is crucial to maintain all the documentation required by FUNDAE to avoid situations in which refunds of applied bonuses may be required, especially in the case of inspections‚Äč.

How does FUNDAE inspect course compliance?

FUNDAE inspects compliance with subsidized courses through a series of procedures and requirements established for training entities and companies that participate in subsidized training. Below, I detail some of the relevant practices and procedures to ensure compliance:

  • Pre-Training Requirements: Training entities must design and program courses that guide the acquisition or improvement of workers' skills, they must be taught by qualified teachers and ensure the technical-pedagogical quality of the training. Before starting any course,It is necessary to notify FUNDAE of various details such as the name, objectives, description of the training actions, target groups, number of participants, pedagogical means, among others.‚Äč.

  • During the course: Must be doneattendance checksvalidated by the trainer in face-to-face courses, andthrough platform access records in online courses. Furthermore, it is important to ensure the satisfactory development of training actions, their monitoring and evaluation‚Äč.

  • Completion and Bonus: At the end of the course, it is necessary to notify FUNDAE of the definitive number of employees who have participated in the FUNDAE bonus, the costs of the course, and the month in which the bonus will be applied.. The company will then be able to apply the social insurance bonus for the month in which the training ended.

¿Qué tipo de inspecciones realiza FUNDAE?

FUNDAE carries out different types of monitoring and inspections to ensure correct compliance with subsidized training courses. These inspections can be mainly classified into two types: In Real Time (ETR) and Ex Post Immediate (EPI). ETR inspections are carried out during the course, while EPIs take place once the course has finished.

During these inspections,Several aspects can be examined, such as surveys of trainers and students, follow-up of courses in virtual and in-person classroom mode, and specific documentary requirements.. These monitoring actions are general and are carried out with the objective of ensuring the quality and adequacy of the training offered.

If FUNDAE detects irregularities during its inspections or monitoring of subsidized training courses, the consequences may vary depending on the severity and nature of the infractions.Actions may range from requesting the return of bonus funds to additional sanctions and, in serious cases, disqualification from receiving bonuses in the future‚Äč.

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