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English courses specialized in human resources management

Professional English for human resources

Optimize human talent management and improve the work environment with our specialized English courses for human resources professionals.​

Our professional English course is designed specifically for HR professionals, focusing on personnel development and selection.

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Mastering human talent management in English

Domina el vocabulario esencial de inglés para recursos humanos, desde la selección hasta el desarrollo de personal.

Specific human resources vocabulary in English

Master the essential English vocabulary for human resources, from selection to personnel development.

Our course focuses on teaching specific human resources vocabulary in English, covering essential terms for personnel management and development, performance evaluations, and recruiting processes . Through our efbPills, we provide learning modules that facilitate the memorization and application of this vocabulary in professional contexts .

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Application in real work situations

Our classes simulate real work cases, preparing you to use professional English effectively in your daily life.

Through role-plays and simulations, students face common challenges in the field of human resources , such as mediating labor conflicts or managing internal communications, providing a practical experience that reinforces learning.

Mejora tu fluidez con clases de conversación en inglés, centradas en escenarios reales de recursos humanos.​

Conversation sessions in professional English

Improve your fluency with English conversation classes, focused on real human resources scenarios.​

We organize professional English conversation sessions that allow students to practice and improve their communication skills in a safe and constructive environment . These sessions focus on human resources scenarios, from interviews to contract negotiations, ensuring participants can express themselves with confidence and clarity.

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Competencies for intercultural communication

Cultivate intercultural communication skills, key to managing diversity in the global work environment.

You will improve your oral and written skills to communicate effectively in English on phone calls and emails, ensuring that messages are clear and professional, especially in HR-related interactions.

En Essential for Business, reconocemos la importancia de una comunicación efectiva en el ámbito de recursos humanos. Ofrecemos una amplia variedad de efbPills y más de 400 situaciones profesionales diseñadas específicamente para mejorar las habilidades comunicativas en inglés de los profesionales de RRHH

Improve your Professional English Talent Management

At Essential for Business, we recognize the importance of effective communication in the human resources field. We offer a wide variety of efbPills and over 400 professional situations designed specifically to improve the English communication skills of HR professionals . The course content covers crucial aspects such as:

  • Managing Employee Inquiries : You will learn to respond to frequently asked questions, provide information on company policies, and manage special requests with clarity and professionalism.

  • Communication Techniques in English for HR : You will develop skills to present company policies, explain benefits and facilitate training, all using clear and effective English.

  • Conflict Resolution and Handling Difficult Situations : You will be trained in techniques to handle complaints, mediate labor disputes and resolve conflicts, always maintaining a positive and professional attitude.

  • Telephone and Email Communication in Human Resources : You will improve your oral and written skills to communicate effectively in English in telephone calls and emails, ensuring that messages are clear and professional, especially in HR-related interactions.

Te ofrecemos una gestión integral de la formación bonificada, asegurando que puedas acceder a nuestros cursos con las máximas ventajas financieras.

Comprehensive Management of Bonus Training

Te ofrecemos una gestión integral de la formación bonificada, asegurando que puedas acceder a los cursos con las máximas ventajas financieras.

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Join Our Training Programs

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Why Choose Essential for Business for Your English Training for Human Resources Professionals?

1 / Specialized Course in English for Human Resources

Personalized Training for the HR Field: Our English course is meticulously designed for human resources professionals, covering everything from personnel selection to the development of work environment strategies. We adapt our programs to reflect the real situations you face every day , ensuring relevant and applicable learning that improves both internal dynamics and your talent management skills.

2 / Teaching Experts with HR Experience

Your trainer accompanies you on a daily basis: We understand that success in learning comes hand in hand with instructors who not only master the language but also understand the dynamics of human resources. For this reason, our trainers combine their linguistic expertise with real experience in the sector, offering you practical insights and advice directly applicable to your daily work.

3 / Confidence and Fluency in the Professional Environment

The final objective of our course goes beyond mere understanding of the language; we want you to become an effective and persuasive communicator within your organization. We place special emphasis on building your confidence and fluency, so that you can interact with colleagues and stakeholders with the naturalness and ease of a native speaker , thus improving internal management and fostering lasting professional relationships.

Training FAQs

What is the duration of the intensive course?

Our intensive English course for human resources has a flexible duration, adapted to your professional needs.

Are the instructors native English speakers?

All of our instructors are native speakers, ensuring a high-quality, authentic learning experience.

Do we offer individual classes?

We offer both group and individual classes, allowing you to choose the modality that best suits your learning objectives.

How much does the intensive course for HR professionals cost?

Check our competitive prices for the intensive English course, designed especially for HR professionals.

Is it possible to finance this course with the FUNDAE bonus?

Take advantage of the FUNDAE bonus to finance your English course for human resources and improve your professional skills.

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