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Cursos de inglés intensivos para empresas

Quickly Improve Professional Communication

Our intensive English courses for companies are designed to offer fast and effective training, allowing your employees to function with confidence in any professional situation. With a practical and personalized approach , our programs are tailored to the specific needs of your business, ensuring that each lesson is relevant and applicable to your daily life.

Our trainers, with extensive experience in the business sector, will help you from improving fluency to mastering the specific technical language of your industry, our courses are designed to take your language skills to the next level.

Profesional realizando una clase de inglés intensivo para profesionales

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Why Choose Our Intensive Courses?

Enfoque Personalizado y Adaptable

Personalized and Adaptive Approach

Our courses are custom designed to meet the specific needs of your company and sector. We analyze your employees' current language skills and create a training plan that directly addresses their challenges and professional goals.

Profesor en línea

Trainers with Business Experience

This module focuses on critical communication skills, from standard announcements to personalized interactions with passengers, ensuring effective presentations and exceptional customer service in English.

Portal del Alumno Essential for Business efbPills

Innovative Methodology

We use advanced digital tools and innovative methodologies such as efbPills, designed to improve fluency and precision in communication, allowing participants to practice effectively and receive feedback in real time


Fast and Measurable Results

Intensive courses are designed to achieve significant improvements in a short period . This is ideal for companies that need to train their staff quickly for specific projects, international negotiations or conferences.

Formación a tu ritmo

1. Choose your goal

Select from our more than 400 specific business situations. Whether you need to improve in meetings, negotiations or presentations.

2. Select the intensity and Format

Select the number of weekly sessions and the duration. Decide if you prefer in-person classes, online classes, or a combination of both.

3. Customize your Program

Adapt the course content to your needs You can choose sectoral, thematic approaches or specific skills depending on the role and demands of your company.

4. Compleméntalo con una Inmersión

Enhance your learning even more with a linguistic immersion experience. This intensive approach will allow you to practice the language in a natural environment,

More than 15 business languages available

Specialization by sector

Legal advice

Commercial and Business English

Performance meeting

English for Human Resources

law books

English for legal and legal professionals


English for startups and developers

Fashion retailer

English for retailers and salespeople

Pregnancy Test

English for Fertility Clinics

Medicine classification

English for pharmaceutical companies and laboratories

Stock market

English for the Financial Sector

Girl in therapy

English for psychologists and therapists


English for health professionals and doctors


English for Hospitality and Waiters

Aeronautical English for flight attendants

Aeronautical English for flight attendants

Te ofrecemos una gestión integral de la formación bonificada, asegurando que puedas acceder a nuestros cursos con las máximas ventajas financieras.

Comprehensive Management of Bonus Training

We offer you comprehensive management of subsidized training, ensuring that you can access the courses with maximum financial advantages.

Profesor en línea de inglés

Join Our Training Programs

Contact us for more information and start transforming your ability to communicate in English.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Intensive Courses

What is the duration of an intensive course?

The duration of our intensive courses may vary according to the specific needs of each company and its employees. We generally offer programs ranging from one week to several months, with daily or weekly training options.

¿Qué niveles de competencia cubren los cursos?

We offer courses for all levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced. We conduct an entry level test to ensure that each participant is placed on the appropriate course that corresponds to their current skills.

Is it possible to customize the course content?

Yes, our courses are highly customizable. We can tailor content to focus on specific areas of interest, such as presentations, negotiations, emails or any other relevant business situation.

Do you offer in-person and online training?

Yes, we offer both in-person and online training. Our digital platform is highly interactive and allows for an immersive learning experience, while our in-person classes offer direct, hands-on interaction with trainers.

Do you offer subsidized training through FUNDAE?

Yes, our courses are eligible for subsidized training through FUNDAE, which allows companies to benefit from subsidies to finance the training of their employees.

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