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English Courses for Businesses in Seville

Maximize Your Business Potential

Transform your Business with the Global Language

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Exclusive Methodology: Learning Focused on Business Success

Our unique methodology is designed to adapt to the specific needs of your company, guaranteeing effective and real-world learning. We incorporate innovative techniques that facilitate the understanding and practical use of English in business contexts.

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Language Experts: A Team Dedicated to Your Success

We have a team of experienced professionals in teaching business English. Our trainers are specialized in various business areas, allowing us to offer tailored courses that align with your corporate objectives.

Certification and Quality Assurance

Our courses are designed not only to improve your employees' language skills, but also to obtain the most globally recognized English certifications, supporting the advancement and professionalization of your team.

Specialized Courses by Business Sectors


General Business English Courses

Ideal for teams that need to improve their English communication skills in a wide range of business contexts.

Specific Sector Courses

We offer specialized courses, designed for specific industries, such as technology, tourism, and finance, ensuring that the vocabulary and situations are directly applicable to your sector.

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Flexibility and Customization

We understand that each company has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer flexible options, including intensive, regular courses and specific workshops, adapting to your times and needs.

Take advantage of Bonus Training for Companies in Seville

Our business English courses in Seville are not only designed to adapt to the specific needs of your team, but they also allow you to take advantage of the benefits of subsidized training. Thanks to this program, you can train your employees in essential skills while optimizing your training budget.


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