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Free Business English Course

English Course for the Business Environment

¿A quién va dirigido este curso de inglés para el ámbito empresarial?

Who is this business English course for?

This course is designed to meet the English communication needs of professionals at various levels and sectors. It offers specific tools that are essential both for employees looking to improve their communication skills in English and for managers who need to lead multicultural teams effectively.

Benefits for employees and managers

For employees , this course offers the opportunity to develop language skills that are crucial in the international arena. They will learn industry-specific vocabulary, useful phrases for daily communication, and strategies to handle professional situations such as presentations, negotiations, and meetings effectively.

For managers , the course focuses on communicative leadership skills in English. Techniques will be taught to give clear instructions, motivate teams and resolve conflicts, which is vital in international business environments where English acts as a lingua franca.

Advantages for multinational and local companies

Multinational companies: The course is especially valuable for companies that operate in multiple countries, as it standardizes linguistic competence among employees of different nationalities, facilitating fluid and efficient communication. This is key to integrating operations and cooperation between geographically dispersed departments.

Local companies: For local companies that aspire to expand or are already in the process of internationalization, the course provides the necessary skills to negotiate and collaborate with international partners and clients. In addition, it improves the corporate image by showing a commitment to professionalization and global development.

Learn Business English Free

This free business English course is designed for professionals and companies looking to expand their horizons in international markets and improve their communication skills in business environments. Ideal for both entrepreneurs and corporate employees, this course provides essential tools to negotiate, communicate and operate effectively in English.


Endorsed and Certified by Essential for Business Language Consulting

Essential for Business, co-founded by Bea Navarro and Àngels Creus, arises from a shared vision of adapting language teaching to the needs of the business environment. Its methodology focuses on the practical application of English in real business situations, personalizing learning to reflect the specific challenges of each professional. This approach has established the company as a leader in business English training.

Solo quedan 15 plazas disponibles para nuestro exclusivo curso de inglés para el ámbito empresarial. No pierdas la oportunidad de llevar tus habilidades comunicativas a un nuevo nivel. ¡Regístrate hoy y transforma tu carrera!

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There are only 15 places available for our exclusive English course for business. Don't miss the opportunity to take your communication skills to a new level. Sign up today and transform your career!

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